Interior of Trinity Lutheran Church - Old Dime Box, Texas

Sources: Denominational Publications

Denominational publications can be a good resource when researching the history of your congregation. According to its church history, Trinity Lutheran Church in Old Dime Box, Texas purchased one of its previous buildings from the Evangelical Synod. But where? The modern Evangelical Synod’s modern successor is the United Church of Christ. Moving an entire church […]

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St. Peter's Church of Coupland, Texas

Know Your Congregation’s Denominational History

When researching your congregation’s history, the history of the religious bodies with which it has been affiliated may yield important clues that help you contextualize your church’s history. That history may also help you track down resources that can aid in understanding your congregation’s history! Your Congregation’s Affiliations It’s possible that your congregation may have

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The Samson Go Mic

One thing you’ll definitely want to do when collecting material for your congregation’s history is interview folks. Oral histories are a fantastic addition to your archives, and often they can give additional color to your history that church records alone will not provide! It doesn’t take much to get started recording oral histories. Using your

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Research Your Community, Too

While studying the history of congregations that were founded by folks who spoke German, I noticed something interesting. There are two different words you’ll encounter in the original German names given to the churches. One is “Kirche” – the German word for “church.” But sometimes, you’ll see churches that use a different word… “Gemeinde.” For

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